The Groom

"Even though she still doesn't believe me, Hazel and I met way back in college. Although we had never really spoke, I came across her name years later. I just knew I had to ask her good friend Alexis to introduce me and, as they say, the rest is history.

From the very start of our first phone conversation, it didn't take long to realize how much she and I had in common. After convincing her to have breakfast with me, I knew it would lead to something special and soon after, we began dating.

I can't pinpoint the exact time I knew she was the one but asking her to marry me was the easiest decision of my life. Not only am I anxious and excited to begin a new chapter in both of our lives but I am especially excited to do so with my best friend." - Christian


/The Bride

"I have been told that the love of your life comes when you least expect it. Fresh out of passing my boards, my eyes were set on jump starting my career and nothing more. One day, my good friend Alexis (one of my fabulous Maids of Honor) sent me a message that "this guy" wanted to take me out on a date.

Hesitant at first, I decided to see what he was all about. What turned out to be a brief first phone call turned into a three hour-long conversation on every topic imaginable. A couple of days later, he took me out on our first date. A couple of minutes in, we were inseparable. After spending more and more time with each other, I effortlessly realized that "this guy" was "THE guy". From the moment I met Christian, I felt like I finally found a long lost best friend that I had been searching for all these years.

A year after our first date, he went from THE guy to--the Fiance. I can not wait to celebrate our relationship with our close friends and loved ones to witnessing the day that Christian not only becomes my husband, but my forever." - Hazel

The Ceremony

The Ceremony will take place at Holy Trinity Church in Hackensack, New Jersey, at 10am sharp. Please note that you do not need to RSVP in order to attend the Ceremony.

If you plan to attend, please be sure to arrive earlier than the scheduled start time. We would like all of our friends and family to have adequate time to settle in and enjoy the Ceremony and all of the day's festivities.

Holy Trinity Church

The Reception

The Wedding Reception will take place at the Estate at Florentine Gardens in River Vale, New Jersey, at 11:30am.

Once you have received your invitation, please scroll down to the RSVP section below. You can RSVP online in just 2 minutes or by mailing back your response card in the return envelope provided (no additional postage required).

The Estate at Florentine Gardens

The Hotel

If you are interested in booking a hotel for our Wedding weekend, please consider the Hilton Pearl River, located near the Estate at Flotentine Gardens, where we have secured a special low rate for any of our guests.

Click here to make a reservation.

Hilton Pearl River

Directions to the Church

Holy Trinity Church is located approximately 15 min. away from New York City and it is easily accessible from RT4 in New Jersey. For your convinience, there is a dedicated parking lot right across the street. Please take a look at the map below or click on the map to view directions from the Church to the Venue.

Holy Trinity Church (in Google Maps)

Directions to the Venue

Florentine Gardens is located approximately 25 min. away from New York City and is easily accessible from the Palisades Parkway. Please take a look at the map below or click on the map to view directions from the Church to the Venue.

The Estate at Florentine Gardens (in Google Maps)


Mike - Even though he now lives on the West Coast, Mike is definitely one of my closest friends. We were roomates in several different apartments throughout 4 years and 2 different boroughs. From weekend-long Halo tournaments in college, to getting lost in LA and missing our flights, I'm glad to know that no matter where we each live, I can definitely count on him to be there for me...

Luis - I met Luis on the first day of college and even though we got to that point from completely different backgrounds, we became instant close friends. We've both been through a lot over the past few years but every single time we hang out, it's always the best of times. Luis is actually the only guy I hug in public every single time I see him, and there's good reason for that...

Sam - Sam and I go way back to our high school years (more than 12 years ago). We used to get into a different adventure every night; usually starting at the pool hall and ending at Georgia Diner at 5am (sometimes later depending on who was with us that night). Despite always being busy with our adult lives these days, I'm very grateful to know that Sam is and always will be one of my closest friends.

Stefan - I can't really remember meeting Stefan; probably because I was 1 month old. He's not only my cousin, but one of my closest friends. And even though I'm an only child, Stefan and I are practically brothers. In fact one day when we were kids, we asked my parents if we can adopt him. Although that didn't happen and although he's only around from time to time these days, I'm very excited to have him stand by me at the Wedding as I will one day at his...


Ash - Ash and I have known each other before we were born; our mothers being best friends and pregnant at the same time. From then on, we went from creating Spice Girls lip syncing routines, to sleep away camp, to professional nurses delivering babies into this world. I know that no matter where we'll be in life, Ash and I will always be each other's best buddy (especially in karaoke)...

Alexis - I met Alexis on our freshman orientation in the summer right before college started and only a few hours after meeting, we already found ourselves on adventures that we'll laugh at and look back on. A partner in crime as well as a shoulder to cry on, she is the friend that everyone needs to have. Without her, life would be like a great outfit with extremely boring shoes...

Rudi - I have to thank Lincoln Hospital's "New Employee Orientation" for bringing our budding romance to life. Comparing our anxiety levels and boredom on the first few days of our young Nursing careers concluded with us realizing how close our lives went hand in hand outside of scrubs. I know that no matter where we work or where life brings us, we will always be there for each other to vent and laugh over a (huge) cup of coffee...

Robyn - I've known Robyn since she was a little baby, and I will always remember how she once kicked me out of her room when we were kids! Even though California is across the country, we always find a way to reconnect. Growing up separately and reuniting over Rivadelo functions never put a hold on how close we became. I love this girl to death and when we reunite it feels like a much closer bond; one beyond being just family...

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